Early Associates Degree

NOTE: This information is subject to change according to the university or state of Utah graduation requirements. Thus, please verify all information yearly.

Spreadsheet detailing what to take from Middle School through High School to get an Associates Degree.

Spreadsheet comparing what UVU vs BYU require for an associates degree using AP and CLEP.


  1. Kim,
    I was at the class in Highland and enjoyed hearing from everyone. I have a question about the spreadsheet about what to take from middle school thru high school for AS. Will you please clarify what the * means?
    Also, what are the different math track options? What is SSM1?
    Lastly, what is UCAS and UVUCE?
    Thank you very much for sharing what you have learned!

  2. Kim,

    I attended your class at the homeschooling conference. Thanks so much for putting the slides on your website!
    Is there anyone who can walk me through the spreadsheet that is listed above to obtaining an Associates Degree? I would need like 10 minutes tops!

  3. UCAS = Utah County Academy of Sciences (Early college charter school)
    UVUCE = Utah Valley University Concurrent Enrollment
    The * appears to mean for a slower track on math.
    Don't see SSM1 - but maybe that means Secondary Math 1, which are the new common core names for math.

  4. Molly is right. Make sure you have the spreadsheet open all the way. UCAS is listed for those people who attend the early college charters to know where they usually put it.
    * actually means math track with no associates but does qualify for high school diploma.


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