Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So you wanna homeschool: Elementary Years

After discussing the keys to effective homeschool families, we have now moved down into more specific items of the different ages.  This is the slide show from the Elementary Years with links to various elements to get you started.

Elementary Years Keynote 

Elementary Years PDF's


  1. I think your link to the pdf or powerpoint is broken. It's downloading as a ".key" file name. If you get it fixed, or have another way for me to see your presentation, let me know. Thanks for sharing your insights on homeschooling.

  2. It is a keynote presentation. It should come up for those who have a mac computer. But I did fix and put another link with the pdf's for you. Sorry. Hopefully it is helpful.

  3. That makes sense now. I don't have a mac so I'm not familiar with that file path name. Thanks for posting a pdf.


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