Friday, June 6, 2014

Teen: Path to Independence

My daughter McKenzie, tested out of her first high school diploma at 12 years of age.  She received the actual diploma at age 13.  With her motivation to learn, I knew I needed to know how I could best prepare her to survive as an independent adult earlier than I anticipated.  To do so, through various conversations, books and my experiences as President of Wasatch Home Educators Network,  I created a list of things that I felt were skills needed to be mastered to be a successful independent adult.  Here is the pdf notes from my UHEA class taught Friday June 6, 2014.

Teens: The Magic Number 

Here you will find:

Secrets often not shared with teenagers until it slaps them in the face.
A list of areas and skills that will help a adult survive independently.
And resources to help make decisions regarding the options and resources available to continue on that path.

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